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Why now is the perfect time to invest in your business

Are you leasing an office or warehouse space in Calgary? With interest rates at all-time lows, now might be a good time to think about buying into your own commercial condo. Commercial condos are an increasingly popular choice for businesses that understand the value of building equity in their own company. In Calgary, there are an increasing number of spaces available within new, high quality, Class A commercial buildings.

Take advantage of continued record low interest rates and check out some of the options. In Calgary’s Meridian/Franklin area, for example, Hungerford Properties’ Nexus Business Centre is attracting companies like True Directional Services, which just purchased 4,100 square feet of office and warehouse space. After five years of renting, the directional drilling technology company decided buying was the only option that made economic sense.

“With such low vacancy rates, rent in the Calgary market can be expensive,” says CEO Sean Senos. “Owning for my company means we can have more capital to invest in tools and growing the business, rather than throwing the money away on rent. It costs us 25% more to rent than to own.”

Nexus Business Centre is the top selling commercial condo in the Calgary market, but there are other popular options. Hungerford’s Fairmore Business Park is a new seven-acre development located near Chinook Centre, where your business can grow in a brand new building. There’s also NorthWing Business Park, another top selling commercial condo in the burgeoning northeast area by the Calgary airport, located on a high-visibility site fronting McKnight Boulevard and Metis Trail.

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