Hungerford Properties
Investor Relations

Hungerford Properties approaches real estate investment, management and development with rigourous systems, proven process and operational excellence. Our unflagging thoroughness facilitates risk-management and builds confidence, creating value for investors, buyers, tenants and partners.

Superlative Diligence

Hungerford Properties has in place best practice processes and policies which provide operational excellence, high standards and an institutional quality platform.  These processes result in Hungerford executing at a high performance level in its acquisition and value add strategy which has resulted in a consistent track record of exceeding investor expectations. 

Value Addition

We significantly enhance property values by seeking out undervalued properties and putting the skills of our in-house team to work refurbishing, upgrading or developing projects that are desired by clients and communities. 

Trusted Fiduciary

We have a fiduciary duty to our investors, so we are intently focused on risk management and the processes, systems and policies that make that possible. Our investment team, a group of experienced professionals, make the strategic decisions that guide our actions.

Track Record of Success

We have a remarkable record of investment success that spans three decades. In that time, we have had no losses on any investments, nor have we ever had a forced exit through an up or down cycle. During the recent recession, when many firms retracted, we have succeeded and expanded. Our strategy of buying well and adding value has yielded consistently excellent returns.

Alignment of Interest

We invest alongside our investors, and we incent our executive team on the same bottom line results. We have ‘skin in the game.’ Our terms are fair and internationally competitive. We are vertically integrated: this eliminates additional third party profit sharing and fees resulting in less leakage and greater net returns.

For investor inquiries or questions please contact:

Angela Aydon
Investor Relations Manager