1 | Sherwood Park News - New Commercial Centre Planned

Sherwood Park News - New Commercial Centre Planned

Posted on May 25, 2015


The business world in Sherwood Park will soon be stepping it up a notch.

Part of the executive team and partner of Hungerford Properties, Michael Hungerford said the company is planning a new commercial area in the northwest portion of the Park.

The Paragon Business Park will be building on 11 acres on the inside corner of Broadview Road, Bethel Drive and Bethel Way.

“In the first phase, we’re building an office building and a warehouse building,” Hungerford said.

“There’s future phases, but it’s going to be a large business park to accommodate different types of commercial uses. We’re anticipating that there will be some retail on the ground level. We’re building a nice courtyard amenity area. There will be some offices above and some warehouse — smaller bay warehouse units — as part of the park. We’re also interested in working with businesses — we’ve got some extra land as well for future phases, and we’ll be looking to develop that land with businesses that might want to have their own standalone sites.”

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