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Open House at Titan Business Park to Showcase Renovated Warehouse and Benefits of Land Lots Opportunities

Posted on June 05, 2017

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On June 7, 2017, Hungerford Properties and Colliers International will be hosting an open house at our new Titan Business Park in Regina. From 11:30am to 2:00pm, we will be taking visitors on a tour of the former Sears warehouse to see the renovation, development plans and leasing options now available. We will also be showcasing the subdivision plans for the excess land and offering information about the benefits of buying condominium land lots for custom development.

Hungerford Properties acquired the 33-acre site at 855 Park Street, in the industrial heart of Regina in August 2016. It was one of the city’s largest industrial deals. Since then, Hungerford have been transforming the asset into a new business park, with the refurbishment of 176,000 SF space into modern, Class A warehouse space for the industrial sector. Earlier this year, Hungerford Properties announced leasing deals to Sears and Canature Water Group totaling 47,000 SF

In addition to the newly refurbished, state-of-the-art warehouse, Hungerford Properties is offering the opportunity for businesses to purchase land lots and custom build to their needs. On the 18 acres of excess land, lots will be offered for sale or lease from 0.5 acre parcels and up: an exciting opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the site’s excellent location, quality and flexibility.

Among the benefits of this rare opportunity of condominium land lots is the simplicity and ease of maintenance, as well as annual cost savings from sharing common expenses such as roadways and in ground services such as sanitation and water.

There are several factors that distinguish the land lots at Titan Business Park, including existing master drainage and oil and grit interceptors so no installation is required by buyers. At other freehold land sites, owners are required to install oil/grit interceptors in connection to the City services, as well as conform to the City of Regina’s storm water management requirements, at significant additional costs. As well, owners at other sites are required to pay full freight for the City’s storm water surcharge. They may have to pull services across lot lines and connect to municipal infrastructure, and they may have limited access from municipal roads as well as restricted vehicular turning.

At Titan Business Park, municipal storm water surcharge is distributed across the entire development, with the resulting cost savings divided between all businesses. In addition, city services are stubbed onto each lot, ready for owner’s connection and there is substantial street frontage with wide access onto each lot, with roadways designed to accommodate on-road vehicular turning movements directly on the road. At Titan Business Park, there are also reduced landscaping requirements and quicker municipal approvals for development due to the storm water plan already in place.

“We are excited to bring to market land options that have been lacking in the Regina industrial market for some time,” says Glen Hill, VP at Colliers International. “The concept of land condo ownership has been utilized in other major markets across Canada, but it is new to the Regina market. Titan Business Park is creating a new, centrally located opportunity for businesses to either lease large bay space or own property and be a part of this new business park.”

For more information on Titan Business Park, please check out www.titanbusinesspark.com

To RSVP to attend the Open House, please email Johanne Zolc at Johanne.zolc@colliers.com.