Mount Pleasant’s Newest Restaurant Adds Architectural Flare to the Industrial Neighborhood

Posted on October 19, 2015


Vancouver, October 19, 2015 – Hungerford Properties has refurbished a historic warehouse in Mount Pleasant Vancouver and next week, it will see the launch of Q Shi Q, an innovative 30-seat Japanese BBQ restaurant and sake bar. What was once a noodle factory until 2005 then became a product testing facility for MEC. Now in its third incarnation in 8 years, the 68-year-old building is being transformed into a spectacular, edgy restaurant, the latest retail announcement in the rapidly evolving neighborhood.

Inspired by Japanese counter culture, the interiors have been completely renovated featuring high ceilings, exposed timber beams and a graphic mural spanning the length of one wall. The exterior façade, made of corrugated steel in a herringbone pattern, is inspired by minimalist Japanese design and adds a significant artistic architectural flare to the street.

“We wanted a space that could combine light industrial with modern counterculture Japanese design and this building offered a good blank canvas for our designers,” says Q Shi Q owner, Duane McGaw. “The esthetic of the exterior fits into neighborhood but is also very unique. We wanted to shake things up and the environment is just the starting point. That’s why we chose this space – because the whole neighborhood is going through a transformation and there’s a concentration of new businesses coming into the neighborhood - young professionals in tech industry - and that’s our clientele.”

Next door, another Hungerford building will soon be home to Double Negative (DNeg), one of the world’s major producers of visual effects for the film industry, with branches in London and Singapore.

“It has the feel of Gastown and Railtown at a fraction of the cost,” says Matthew MacLean, VP of Commercial Leasing with Cushman Wakefield. “There’s a lot of restaurants now looking in the neighborhood for the same concept - retail in front, manufacturing in the back. It’s a concept that’s making the neighborhood more vibrant because we have this shift to a truly eclectic mix of office, industrial and more cutting edge, hip businesses.”

Terra Breads was the first to combine retail and manufacturing in the area. The Juice Truck followed suit and now coffee roasters and craft breweries with beautiful retail showcases in front of manufacturing and distribution spaces have moved in to create a vibrant animation on the streets.

Q Shi Q is located at 159 West Fourth, near Olympic Village, with ample parking. The new restaurant is set to open on Friday, October 23rd.