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MacPherson Walk - Sells Out

Posted on January 15, 2012


Hundreds of young first time buyers have flocked to South Burnaby’s newest low rise community, MacPherson Walk North. The award-winning developer, Hungerford Group, successfully pre-sold 120 homes to buyers very eager to move-in in Summer 2012.

“The focus of Phase 3 was to draw in the first time buyers and young couples,” states Michael Hungerford, partner of Hungerford Group. “I wanted this community to be well-kept by its owners, so we offered well-designed floorplans that were affordably-priced and high quality.”  Since the grand opening of Phase 3, the sales team took extra time to walk each first time buyer through the process of buying a pre-sale. “Buying your first property is very intimidating and overwhelming, states sales representative Cindy Park. “Breaking down the different closing costs and working out their mortgage payments was very helpful getting them to feel more confident and assured.”

With dozens of referrals throughout the pre-sales program, Hungerford Group clearly hit the valuable combination of price, quality, and convenient location.

MacPherson Walk North is located on 5788 Sidley Street in Burnaby near MacPherson Avenue and Rumble Street conveniently located two blocks from the Royal Oak Skytrain Station.  Completion is expected to occur in the Summer of 2012.

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