1 | Leading VFX House Double Negative Moving in to Radia Block

Leading VFX House Double Negative Moving in to Radia Block

Posted on November 11, 2014


Leading VFX House Double Negative (Dneg) has confirmed this week that their new Vancouver facility will be in Mount Pleasant’s Radia Block.

Located at 149 West 4th Avenue, Dneg’s new 47,000 square foot office is managed by Hungerford Properties who leased the building to MEC for 15 years and created a beautiful, environmentally sustainable office environment for the outdoor retail coop. MEC has since moved to a new massive 112,000 square foot head office in East Vancouver. 

The building’s next incarnation will feature new world-class technology systems and computer IT infrastructure, a mix of open plan and cellular office environments and will include employee amenities like a café, refreshment hubs, screening rooms, cinemas, editing and R&D suites.

Double Negative is working with Hungerford Properties to seek to integrate the needs of a high tech company with a creative workspace. “Double Negative has a unique culture and specific technical requirements,” said Michael Hungerford. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with a world leader in innovative workplace design.”

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