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Kelowna Now: Rental townhomes now available on Westbank First Nation reserve land

Posted on May 17, 2023

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Hungerford Properties and Ntityix Development Corporation announced their partnership in November 2022, with their first project being a 23-unit townhome development on Westbank First Nation reserve land. Over the weekend, they hosted an open house for the community as they announced the availability of these rental homes.

In November 2022, Hungerford Properties and Ntityix Development Corporation (NDC) announced their newly formed partnership to increase residential rental supply in the Kelowna area. Their first project included a 3-building development located at 700 Spland Road, West Kelowna on Westbank First Nation reserve land.

Recently, the project has been completed and the units are now available for rent. “Both parties had a shared vision of creating high quality housing that would benefit the community” says Andrew Hungerford, Partner of Hungerford Properties. "As the project comes to a completion, we are thrilled with gratitude for its success, it has exceeded our expectations.”

The building process was led by Kilawna Builders Ltd, who played a key role in the seamless completion of the project. Kilawna Builders Ltd are part of NDC and are the esteemed construction arm of the Westbank First Nation. The partnership was established on shared values and goals for the Westbank First Nation community. “This partnership goes beyond the physical buildings and the units themselves,” says Michael Hungerford, Partner of Hungerford Properties.

“By working together, Hungerford, Ntityix and Kilawna Builders have created a model of respectful collaboration and partnership that can inspire others to follow the same approach.” On Friday, May 12, 2023 both parties hosted an open house for Westbank First Nation members. The event received an impressive turnout, with the notable presence of Chief Robert Louie, Councillor Andrea Alexander and Councillor Jordan Coble.

The open house began with a ceremony led by an Elder followed with traditional drumming by Councillor Jordan Coble (WFN), Llana Teichroeb (Ntityix), Derek Hansom (Hungerford) and Kim Kosik (WFN).


Mic Werstuik, Chief Executive Officer, Ntityix Development Corporation began the remarks by expressing his pride in the team's achievements. “Everyone should be proud of themselves and what has been accomplished.


It takes a team to make something happen, and we have a great team.” Chief Robert Louie followed by stating: “It is a special day because we are celebrating not only a partnership, but the future of residential development.”


He went on to talk about the rich history of the land and the success of the partnership. “This is a relationship of respect, collaboration and teamwork. We will continue to help the community achieve its goals,” says Michael Hungerford as he ended the remarks.


Hungerford and NDC wanted to ensure that those who were involved with providing services for the event, were involved in the local community, some of which were also members of the Westbank First Nation — some of the suppliers included J&N Catering, Nikki Pixs Photography, SAGAcom Productions and All Occasions Party & Event Rentals.

The 23 townhomes are now available for market rentals and can be viewed on the Associated Property Management website.

In light of this successful project, there are talks about a phase 2 which will include approximately 50 townhome units to the west of 700 Spland Road. More details are expected to be available soon.

The completion of this project marks a significant milestone for Hungerford Properties and Ntityix Development Corporation, representing a big accomplishment in their ongoing efforts to increase residential rental supply in the Kelowna area.

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