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Hungerford Properties Announces New Leasing Deals for Novo Block in Mount Pleasant

Posted on November 30, 2017

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Hungerford Properties is pleased to announce two new leasing deals at Novo Block, a 35,800 square foot, multi-storey office and warehouse building in the heart of Mount Pleasant. Brand Live, a Vancouver-based, award-winning event management company, will be leasing 5,448 square feet on the second floor at 120 3rd Avenue starting April 1, 2018. Method Studios (Deluxe Entertainment), an award-winning visual effects group, will be leasing 7,680 square feet, combining two units on the ground floor.

Method, which has facilities in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, London and Australia, is an artist-driven company known for its creativity. The company services high-end feature film, commercial, television and motion graphics clients in the global marketplace.

Brand Live, an award-winning event management company, is moving its head office from Railtown to Mount Pleasant because the shops, services, great food options and central location were a draw. “Our current office space is epic but the neighborhood is very underdeveloped with no shops or services and limited parking for clients and staff,” says Catherine Runnals, president of Brand Live. “The new building will allow for a much more collaborative space, with some private offices, but also with a more open work plan. Our lobby will be like a business class lounge where you can sit in a club chair and work on your laptop or do pop up meetings. Basically, the space will allow us to increase work capacity. We are starting a new music festival in Stanley Park called Skookum in 2018 so the new space is like a new beginning for this next great adventure.”

“We’re really excited to welcome these two companies into our building and into the neighbourhood,” says partner, Michael Hungerford. “We have invested heavily in the area and have seen it change from heavy industrial to high-tech hub. And we believe these two creative companies will be a welcome addition to the community.”

High-tech companies wanting to move into the Mount Pleasant area are looking for buildings with power, mechanical and electrical updates, flexible working environments, efficient and flexible floor plans. They are also looking for landlords willing to invest in buildings for the new economy. Hungerford’s experience and success in repositioning and refurbishing industrial buildings in Mount Pleasant into high tech spaces has been showcased at the new visual effects studio for Double Negative.

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