1 | Hungerford employees volunteer at Whole Way House

Hungerford employees volunteer at Whole Way House

Posted on June 20, 2017

Wwh Volunteering

This week, a team of 16 Hungerford Properties employees volunteered at Whole Way House at their new facility at Veterans Manor on Alexander Street in the Downtown Eastside. Whole Way House offers several life-changing programs for those struggling with mental health and addiction.

Teams from Hungerford have been painting and redecorating a suite and a communal space, as well as helping with landscaping in the shared garden at the new facility.

“Working with Whole Way House has been a great opportunity for Hungerford Properties and its employees to give back to the community and support the WWH’s vision of restoring dignity to those on the Downtown Eastside,” said Marcela Corzo, Senior Development Manager at Hungerford Properties.

The work being done by WWH in the DTES community aligns with the values and goals inherent to the work we do at Hungerford around building community and meaningful partnerships. Supporting the charity in creating a safe and welcoming environment that instills worth, value and dignity for its members was a rewarding experience for the Hungerford employees who participated.

“We feel very honoured to have been able to work with Whole Way House and give back to our neighbours. It's great to see the residents excited to see the improvements in their facility and the positive impact WWH have started making in such a short period of time,” Sophie Habgood, Marketing Manager at Hungerford.

Jenny Konkin, co-Founder of Whole Way House, said “The volunteers from Hungerford made such an incredible impact here at Whole Way House. They worked so hard and brought a huge ray of sunshine to the Veterans Manor. The residents are so excited and have been buzzing about the improvements all week. We are so thankful to have such a great local business who give back and invest into the community to help us build a safe and supportive community here in the DTES. Thank you to everyone who gave of their time and talent. You are making a huge difference in our community."

Hungerford Properties is committed to continuing our relationship with WWH and supporting their programs in the years to come.