1 | Hungerford Builds ‘Green’ Industrial Building

Hungerford Builds ‘Green’ Industrial Building

Posted on September 10, 2014


Vancouver’s Hungerford Properties is riding the wave of green industrial development and bucking convention by bypassing LEED certification. 

Michael Hungerford, a co-partner in the firm with his father and brother, says green industrial development strives to create work-friendly buildings with longevity. He adds sustainable industrial developments can provide lower operating costs and a better work environment for people in the building. 

A green industrial property is Hungerford’s goal for the  Nexus Business Park under development in northeast Calgary. “I think it’s generally a trend where the market is heading,” Hungerford says.

However, Hungerford says that unless the tenant or market demand specifies a requirement for the certification, the developer doesn’t feel the need to certify the building.

“It’s nice to have that recognition and some companies require it,” Hungerford acknowledges. “For this project, no, we didn’t go through the certification. It actually adds more cost and we don’t think our users see that benefit of having that actual certification.”

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