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Huffingtonpost.ca - Why Mount Pleasant Needs More Density

Posted on December 18, 2016


Growing up, my grandmother would tell us stories about Southeast False Creek - about the dirty water and polluted air. Back then, the area was a heavy industrial hub on the outskirts of the city core. But in my lifetime the neighbourhood has changed dramatically, evolving from heavy to light industry to an industrial hub of a very different kind -- a destination for high tech companies and creative, sustainable industries.

This transformation has ramped up in the last three years and the area is now finding its identity as a hipster home to innovation in manufacturing, media, design and tech. Along with this transformation has come a new demand and pressure for office and manufacturing space. To accommodate that, both the City of Vancouver and developers need to work together to provide some suitable options and solutions. We need to think bigger than accommodating just the short-term demand from the tech sector.

This week, a policy report to City Council on proposed zoning changes in the area was approved and referred to a public hearing in January. The City has been seeking public input on these changes for the past couple months. The report recommended replacing outdated zoning and development by-law definitions to better reflect the current range of digital and technology business activities in the area, in addition to creating of two new industrial zones and the rezoning of four blocks east of Quebec Street to allow larger and taller buildings to support and grow the innovation economy.

This new plan is good, but it needs to be much bigger and more ambitious. The proposed increase in density won't provide enough supply needed for the growing number of high tech companies clamoring for office and production space in Vancouver.

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