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DailyHive - Major Office Towers Proposed Next to SkyTrain Marine Drive Station

Posted on September 27, 2021

396 Southwest Marine Drive Vancouver

A significant mixed-use office, retail, and industrial complex is proposed to replace the Kia car dealership site immediately east of Marine Gateway and SkyTrain Marine Drive Station in South Vancouver.

Mercury Properties, owned by Hungerford Properties, has submitted a rezoning application to redevelop the three-acre site at 396 Southwest Marine Drive — the southeast corner of the intersection of Yukon Street and Marine Drive. This site is currently zoned for industrial uses.

Designed by HDR Architecture, the proposal calls for a 250-ft-tall, 19-storey west tower, closest to Marine Gateway, and a 165-ft-tall, 10-storey east tower — all above an interconnected three-storey podium.

A north-south plaza doubling as a mid-block pedestrian connection divides both buildings, which are linked together by a pedestrian bridge over the plaza on the third level.

A childcare facility with 5,100 sq ft of indoor space and 5,900 sq ft of outdoor space would be situated on the third level, built by the developer as a public benefit for the municipal government.

The upper levels of both towers would contain 396,000 sq ft of office space, targeted for tech companies, institutions, and small- and medium-sized businesses that have limited options in the local office market.

Below the office floors, the lower levels in the podium would uniquely contain vertical industrial space, including 140,000 sq ft of light industrial uses, 28,600 sq ft of storefront industrial uses (such as for breweries and distilleries), and 30,200 sq ft of industrial mezzanine area.

About 9,800 sq ft of dedicated retail and restaurant space is situated on the ground level to activate the building’s centre plaza and a portion of its Marine Drive frontage closest to Marine Gateway.

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