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Business in Calgary - Hungerford Launches a Flurry of Developments and Investments

Posted on April 07, 2014


Hungerford Properties, a Vancouver-based development and management company, has just launched its third major commercial project in Calgary. With a 35-year track record of success in investing and building residential, office, retail and industrial properties, Hungerford has several projects on the go with more to be announced in the near future.

“We strongly believe in the business opportunity that is supported by the people and businesses in Alberta. We have a tremendous amount of confidence in the future economy,” says Michael Hungerford, partner, Hungerford Properties. “We are very excited and optimistic about the future.” 

Calgary has many similarities to Vancouver in terms of population and employment growth – making it a strong real estate market – although it is more heavily weighted towards the resource sector. 

“We are looking to invest in a wide variety of asset classes including office, retail, residential and industrial,” explains Hungerford. “The key thread and commonality between our investments is that there is a lot of creativity and value-added elements. What that means is we are bringing in capital to either reposition or revitalize existing assets or develop from scratch.”

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