1 | People & Community Involvement


We continuously strive to provide rewarding and challenging work, create a vibrant and safe environment, and cultivate a healthy and thriving culture. We commit to improving the lives of the people of Hungerford Properties as well as the communities in which we serve is a key component of our ESGI approach.

Learning & Development

Hungerford is committed to supporting individuals in their career development. Our Learning and Development policy is in place to support with offsetting the cost of education and educational paid leave to enhance team members’ knowledge and skills in their present jobs, and to prepare for future advancements within the company. Your success is our success - as a team and as a culture, we want to grow together to reach our full potential as individuals and as an organization.

HWay to Wellness

Hungerford is committed to nurturing a culture where the physical and mental health of the team is a priority. We support teams in embracing long term, healthy habits and behaviors that enable well-being and allow people to thrive in life. Our health and wellbeing program is called “HWay To Wellness. This internal program includes sharing health and well-being resources, best practices, continued learning, and support for each other as we take care of ourselves physically and mentally. The programming focuses on three main themes of physical health, nutritional health, and mental health. Together, we have completed virtual workouts, fitness challenges, nutrition sessions, mindfulness training, knowledge quizzes and more.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Hungerford, we are committed to developing a diverse spectrum of gender, ethnicity, race, orientation, age, culture, background, and experience. Creating diverse teams is a strength as this allows us to collaborate with different perspectives that spark new ideas, imagine new possibilities, and challenge the status quo. Hungerford promotes a culture where all voices are heard and respected, and great ideas come from all levels of our diverse team.

We have a long tradition of community service and charitable contributions, and it has inspired company giving in a variety of ways. We have been involved with numerous non-profit organizations throughout the Lower Mainland including Vancouver Food Bank, Atira Women’s Resource Society, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, Surrey Christmas Bureau, YWCA Presents of Peace, and the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society.

Below highlights some of the recent involvement in the community.

Some of the Non-Profits We've Been Involved With

Aboriginal Mother Center Society

Atira Women's Resource Society

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Children's Wish Foundation of Canada

Surrey Christmas Bureau

YWCA Presents of Peace