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At Hungerford Properties, ESGI is an integral part of the company culture. Michael and Andrew Hungerford, wholeheartedly embrace their Gwich’in heritage, reflecting the commitment to honoring and promoting Indigenous values and perspectives. They envision significant opportunities to initiate impactful projects that enhance communities, generate employment, and deliver economic and social advantages for Indigenous communities.

Hungerford’s intention is to make continuous improvements over time with the goal of becoming an industry leader in ESGI practices. To continuously seek ways to integrate sustainability into its business practice and across its real estate portfolio. This has allowed Hungerford to grow responsibly and deliver value to both its stakeholders and environment.

Hungerford Properties values align with ESG principles including the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) and the Ten Principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact. Hungerford Properties ESGI Policy incorporates the Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). Hungerford Properties also supports the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #92.

ESGI Strategy

Hungerford has established comprehensive policies and programs designed to effectively manage ESGI risk factors directly impacting its operations. These initiatives undergo regular review by the company's ESGI committee, a dedicated body reporting directly to the Executive Team and Managing Partners. The ESGI committee meets regularly to strategically steer the company towards enhanced ESGI performance and disclosure standards, with the overarching objective of positioning Hungerford as a foremost sustainability-focused real estate developer.


As Hungerford embarks on the journey of 2024, the ESGI committee has set ambitious yet achievable goals to drive positive environmental, social, governance, and Indigenous outcomes. The company’s commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and ethical practices remains steadfast, and it is dedicated to making further meaningful contributions next year.


  • Monitor corporate office recycling/waste/paperless protocols
  • Deliver environmental specific training
  • Enhance climate and physical risk assessments
  • Develop climate goal alignment matrix


  • Deliver diversity, inclusion, bullying and harassment training
  • Mentorship of women in commercial real estate industry
  • Paid volunteer time - target of 150 hours
  • Undertake 2024 employee satisfaction survey
  • Tenant engagement improvement


  • Participate in GRESB corporate reporting
  • Enhance diversity, equity and inclusion reporting
  • Completion of 2024 ESGI annual report
  • Incorporate ESGI components into strategic priorities and performance management system


  • Embed cultural respect principles and foster engagement with Indigenous businesses throughout the organization
  • Outreach to Indigenous communities with Indigenous internship opportunities
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