Leading VFX House Double Negative (Dneg) has confirmed this week that their new Vancouver facility will be in Mount Pleasant’s Radia Block.

Located at 149 West 4th Avenue, Dneg’s new 47,000 square foot office is managed by Hungerford Properties who leased the building to MEC for 15 years and created a beautiful, environmentally sustainable office environment for the outdoor retail coop. MEC has since moved to a new massive 112,000 square foot head office in East Vancouver. 

The building’s next incarnation will feature new world-class technology systems and computer IT infrastructure, a mix of open plan and cellular office environments and will include employee amenities like a café, refreshment hubs, screening rooms, cinemas, editing and R&D suites.

Double Negative is working with Hungerford Properties to seek to integrate the needs of a high tech company with a creative workspace. “Double Negative has a unique culture and specific technical requirements,” said Michael Hungerford. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with a world leader in innovative workplace design.”

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A major international visual effects firm has chosen a key piece of recently vacated commercial office space for its new Vancouver branch operations in what amounts to one of the largest office deals in Mount Pleasant.

Double Negative (Dneg) is one of the world’s major producers of visual effects for the film industry, with branches in London and Singapore. Vancouver marks its third office and first anchor in North America.

The Academy Award-winning VFX company announced in the summer that it would be setting up shop in Vancouver, but only recently inked a deal with Hungerford Properties to move into Radia Block at 149 West 4th Ave. The 47,000-square-foot space housed Mountain Equipment Co-op’s headquarters since the 1990s, but MEC vacated the office Oct. 24th to move into a new building on Great Northern Way.

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Emerging tech firms home in on Mount Pleasant

The commercial zone below Broadway has lower prices and more options than areas in and around downtown.

A change in tenancy this fall at a major office building in Mount Pleasant signals what a commercial real estate expert says is another step for Vancouver’s emerging technology companies as they hunt for office space without downtown prices.

The building, known as Radia Block, at 149 West 4th Ave., has housed Mountain Equipment Co-op’s headquarters since the 1990s. In October, MEC moves to its own new 112,000-square-foot building in the False Creek Flats.

Most of the interest in the 47,000-square-foot Radia Block is coming from existing technology companies with workspaces in more expensive neighbourhoods such as Gastown, Yaletown and Railtown (the industrial area east of Gastown), said Matthew MacLean, vice-president of commercial leasing and sales at Cushman & Wakefield. It’s the leasing agency on Radia Block, which could be taken by one or several new tenants.

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There's a growing interest in preserving heritage in Vancouver, but it's not just the city's residential homes that contain fascinating and noteworthy histories. Vancouver's industrial buildings have some interesting stories behind them.

You wouldn't know just from looking at it, but there's one building in the city's new office hub in Mount Pleasant that is now in its fourth incarnation reflecting the changing nature of work in the city.

From the '30s to the '60s, the unassuming, two-storey building at 149 West 4th housed Reliance Foundry and reflected the heavy industrial character of False Creek. From the '70s to the '90s, it was home to Auto Marine Electric, a more light industrial use. From the '90s until today, it was the headquarters for Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). And soon, it's likely to house a high-tech firm.

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