Service Philosophy

Hungerford Property’s Customer Service – for both residential and commercial projects – earns us raves, because it’s based on smarts, patience, empathy, and the heartfelt understanding that without our customers, we are nothing. In more than 30 years of business, we’ve learned that relationships are most satisfying when everyone wins. Relationships are at the core of our values as a company, and our commitment to long-term partnerships is evident at every touchpoint and transaction with tenants, clients and owners alike.

Hungerford Properties is proud of the fact that many of our clients are repeat clients. Commercial tenants renew leases and expand operations with us. Residential buyers refer friends and family, and often follow our developments from place to place, buying one or more homes in each.

Our service is grounded by three principles: Anticipate and Resolve (see challenges coming and solve them quickly, Customer Commitment (devotion to those we serve) and A Higher Standard (we work to exceed every expectation).

Service Request

If you are in need of service, simply fill out the form below and a member of the Hungerford Team will be in touch within the next business day. If you are a commercial tenant experiencing an emergency such as a flood or loss of power, heating or cooling you can call one of our 24 hour emergency numbers which are available here. Please call 911 in the case of a fire or your local police department in the case of a break in – but do give us a call afterward.

"Hungerford is proactive in managing my building enabling me to focus on my business." COMMERCIAL TENANT

Service Request

Service Request Form:

I agree that the above stated problems are warrantable issues and did not arise from negligence or lack of maintenance. I understand that I may be charged for repairs done on any non-warrantable issues. I understand that certain problems may be deferred to the Year End Warranty.

Owners Manuals

Maintaining the longevity of your new home is just as important to us as it is to you. Should you require an additional copy of your homeowner manual, please click on the applicable links below. As a home builder with the highest quality and standards in mind, we have also provided you with technical instructions and specifications to ensure you have up to date knowledge of the workings of your new home.

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Owner Manuals

Fairmore Owner's Manual
(PDF 8.Mb)

Appliance Manuals

Project Logo

Owner Manuals

Nexus Owner's Manual
(PDF 64.7Mb)

Signage Criteria
(PDF 34Mb)