Hungerford Properties creates value for investors, helps owners grow companies, and builds better neighbourhoods for all. We are astute investors, proud builders, and passionate creators of award-winning, legacy-inspired projects.

We are a successful and growing firm with more than 40 years of success investing in, managing and building residential, office, retail and industrial properties in Western Canada. We have in-depth knowledge, experience and resources across the areas of property management, asset management, sales and marketing, development, acquisitions, finance and operations. Our company has developed and refurbished millions of square feet of real estate assets across Western Canada, and currently manages a portfolio of diversified assets.

Our team’s specialized credentials have earned us numerous regional and national awards for refurbishment and development projects. The company is actively working on multiple commercial and residential developments throughout Western Canada. Hungerford Properties has a distinguished history that started on the west coast of Canada and a future that will span the country.


Our values have been steering our business for over 40 years, expressing what’s most important to us day in and day out. The winds of business change, but values remain true; they’re the ‘true north’ of our organization, the compass that guides us and the measure against which we decide our course. We value Ambition, Diligence, Creativity, Relationships and Community.

We Value Ambition

Hungerford Properties is driven to achieve: we set high standards and ever-higher goals as individuals and as an organization. Teamwork, tenacity and visionary leadership are the engines of our success; integrity and pride in our work is at the heart of a professionalism that elevates our practice and our people to international standards.

“Hungerford, the company and people, set high standards, which creates a thriving culture of excellence, making this an exciting place to be.”

George Hungerford

We Value Diligence

Hungerford Properties approaches real estate investment, management and development with rigorous systems, proven process and operational excellence. Our unflagging thoroughness facilitates risk management and builds confidence, creating value for investors, buyers, tenants and partners.

“At Hungerford Properties we do things well without compromise. This is one of the foundations to our consistent success.”

Andrew Hungerford

We Value Creativity

Hungerford Properties is a team of innovative thinkers who work together to see a broader picture and imagine trailblazing possibilities, resulting in products that consistently set standards. Above all, creativity creates value by attracting visionary, motivated people, building successful investment strategies and inspiring unique, award-winning developments.

“We create, we build, we find opportunity that other people can’t.”

Michael Hungerford

We Value Relationships

At Hungerford Properties, a relationship is never a one-time play. We seek enduring partnerships with our teams and our many stakeholders, work to anticipate desires and demands and proactively resolve problems. Emotionally and monetarily, we want our relationships to be profitable, and we take pride in going beyond the expected to provide memorable and meaningful experiences.

“We stand behind what we do. We’re a corporation that has a face and a conscience.”

Michael Hungerford

We Value Community

Our business, whether residential or commercial, adds value to the community. Local jobs are created for projects that become good neighbours and contribute to their environments. Built for efficiency and sustainability, these projects perform above expectations, making communities more attractive, and daily life – both work and leisure – more enjoyable.

“We at Hungerford take immense pride in our legacy of improving neighbourhoods and creating jobs. We are excited for the future.”

George Hungerford